Pastor Gino Jennings - 5 Steps Backwards
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Sure he can preach, but is he living a righteous life?

Gino Jennings
"Islamic Christianity"
Did Anyone See This Coming?

New York Bureau - 11/29/2010

Pastor Gino Jennings of  First Church of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has raised quite a few eyebrows lately for what some have described as a doctrine that promotes absolute control over the members.
Many of those concerns are quickly confirmed the moment you view just one of the many YouTube videos that feature his sermons.

What grabbed the attention of the Preacher Bureau of Investigation was a complaint from a former member of the church in regards to the treatment of the women in his congregation. It appears that every advancement that women have made in the past 130 years, Pastor Gino Jennings has been successful in reversing. Within "His" church women are treated as second class citizens, and discouraged from excelling beyond the accomplishments of a man.

As if the offense of reducing and controlling women wasn’t appalling enough for this pastor, the PBI has uncovered even more infractions.

At first glance of the layout of his congregation it is very clear that Pastor Jennings has been influenced by Islamic culture and remains trapped in Old Testament Theology. All of the women are required to dress in traditional garments and the congregation is totally separated along gender lines. None of the women appear to have any roles in leadership or authority other than roles in service or help ministries.

The similarities to Islamic culture doesn’t stop with the dress code and seating arrangement of the congregation but also with the actual doctrine that is preached from the pulpit. Many Muslims have respectfully addressed Jesus Christ as merely the son of man. In addition to this designation, they refuse to recognize the Divinity of Christ or that he was God in the flesh during his reign on earth.

Despite the fact that true believers have always respectfully disagreed with anyone demoting Jesus to simply one the Prophets, it is fully expected that a Muslim would have those views. The mass atrocity and confusion here is that Jennings himself proclaims to be a Christian and is presiding over a Church named after Jesus, but has the audacity to demote Christ to the level of an Apostle and nothing more.

In a speech now available on YouTube in its entirety Pastor Jennings is quoted as saying that “We cannot credit the flesh for nothing” (referring to the time Jesus spent in the flesh). “Christ was the son of God and wasn’t the son of God.”

Christian Pastor Gino Jennings
Muslim Leader Min. Louis Farrakhan
The doctrine issues concerning Jennings are actually far too severe to address in this brief review of his ministry. This is due impart to the large number of inconsistencies in his delivery, and what some theologians would even consider an act of spiritual sedition whenever he addresses the relevance of Christ. Nevertheless, Pastor Jennings has been extremely successful in gathering a rather large following, which doesn’t appear that difficult to accomplish these days. Even with a Church setting that looks more fitting for Minister Louis Farrakhan, Pastor Jennings has unfortunately been able to preach a mutated form of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many of his starch supporters are very quick to mention that it was Pastor Jennings that took on the Nation of Islam in a frivolous debate over if it was possible for God to create himself.
On a stage the resembled a Presidential Debate, a minister from the Nation of Islam and Jennings debated the origins of God. That’s right, the origins of God.

Questions like who created God, and what environment was conducive for creating God, was taken on by men who had yet to accept that they we’re in fact mere mortals. This immense waste of time was all to the gratification of Gino Jennings and propped so that he could make a point that appears to be an obsession; Jesus could not make himself.

Regardless of his spoken words of resentment for the Nation of Islam, everything concerning Pastor Jennings is directly out of the late Elijah Muhammad textbook of organizational development. Pastor Jennings has even displayed all of the posturing, hand jesters and mannerisms of Minister Farrakhan to such an exact that it’s no wonder that he hasn’t received a Cease and Desist letter from the Muslim leader.

How is it that Min. Farrakhan who subscribes to the Koran can show more respect for Jesus Christ than Gino Jennings?

The reason Gino Jennings is such a concern to the PBI is because of a shock jock style of preaching which is only designed to attract attention to himself by any means necessary, even to the extent of blasphemy. As long as the cameras remain locked on him and his onstage roster of cheerleading men continue to cosign this ridiculous doctrine, we can expect that he will continue his assault on the legacy of Jesus Christ.

The best part about covering a narcissistic personality disorder like Pastor Gino Jennings is that his videos and promotional material actually makes the task pretty easy. In just one nine minute video Jennings managed to call Jesus a prophet, stated that he was only an apostle, downplay the entire arrival of Christ, promote himself to the level of Christ, and referred to a foe as Less than a woman Preacher (as if that is the lowest level any man could descend to).

As the Body of Christ we can only pray that the mental and spiritual damage inflected by this man will be minimized in the lives of the people that have chosen to follow him. Preachers like Jennings provide us with a real time example of why believers should read and study the scriptures themselves and not rely 100% on a pastor. The one thing that we have discovered about Pastor Jennings is he loves himself more than the gospel he preaches and this is the reason that he is more concerned with debating the word of God versus demonstrating it.

Having said that, someone should remind Pastor Jennings that Jesus is Lord of all, which concludes the debate, that is, if you consider yourself a Christian Pastor. Someone should introduce Pastor Jennings to a term that was used whenever someone was referring to Jesus during his time on earth, CHRISTOS. This was a name applied to Jesus by early Greek-speaking Christians. It is a translation of the Hebrew word (mashiyach), commonly spelled in English messiah, which also means "anointed".

To see the complaint filed with the PBI please click here

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